You have been an entrepreneur for quite some time and you can proudly look at the company you have set up. Business is going well. Revenue is coming in. You even already have a number of people working for you in the position of Virtual Assistant or Graphic Designer. You're overjoyed that you made the decision a few years ago to say "bye" to your corporate job.


Of course you want to grow with your company, there is no doubt about that. You also know how to do that, but you have to make time for it. In fact, your schedule is already very full and you see few opportunities to really plan days off in your agenda to focus on further developing your company. In the end you keep putting it off and before you know it 3 weeks have gone by.


You are busy with all sorts of things. Fortunately, you already have some support and that is definitely useful! Especially when you just took on these supporting power(s). This gave you space to focus on other things. That gave a good feeling! But you notice that you no longer have that same space. You have grown out of it. Now you get involved in all kinds of activities again and you find yourself neglecting some tasks. The tasks with which you have less affinity. Monitoring the data and the state of affairs. Reflecting and looking ahead. Drawing up a plan that you will focus on for the next quarter. You lose grip on the numbers and you notice that your focus is less.


You want to do as much work in as little time as possible. You don't have time for random activities. You want to grow your company in a targeted and as efficient and effective way as possible. However, hiring an Online Business Manager is still a bit too much for you. What you need is someone who can watch from the sidelines. Someone who asks critical questions. Someone who tracks your data and monitors your progress. Someone who thinks along with you and makes you think. Someone who keeps you focused. Someone who obliges you to reflect and look ahead. Someone who encourages you to make plans and achieve your goals. Someone who gets you back into that CEO chair.

This is perfect for you, if...

If you feel somewhat addressed by the above text, you have come to the right place and I hope that I can help you grow your company in an effective and efficient way.


This program is ideal for you if:

  • you have been working as an independent entrepreneur for some time.

  • you have also been actively setting up the foundation of your company.

  • your company is running satisfactorily, but you want to grow further.

  • you employ staff (for example: VA, graphic designer, content creator)

  • you start to lose grip on management

  • you don't like analyzing data
  • you don't actually have a management system

  • your focus starts to get blurry, when it wasn't before

  • you cannot or only partially answer these questions:

    • What percentage has the profit increased?

    • What is the conversion rate?

    • What is the bill ability per consultation?

    • How much time is spent on which activities?

    • What are the lead times?

    • What is the relationship between bookings and cancellations?

    • What is the traffic to lead ratio?

    • What is the lead-to-client ratio?

    • What is the engagement rate on social media?

    • What is the average payment term achieved?

    • What are the monthly costs?

  • you like a structured and planned approach.

  • you are not afraid of being confronted with facts based on data

  • you are not afraid of a no nonsense approach.

What we do in this program

During this collaboration, because that's what it really is, we have fixed moments when we sit together (virtually) and review the state of affairs. Every time we sit together we do a gap analysis. We look at the current state and the desired state . Based on the gap, you can see where you need to adjust, what you need to improve and what is already going great.


By stepping out of the daily operation for a while and having a bird-eye view, you can see what really matters. You are forced to look objectively at the performance of your company. This increases your focus again.


We have fixed moments when we sit together:

  • Every month to perform the monthly review. We reflect on the past month and look ahead to the coming month.

  • Every quarter to review the past quarter's performance and prepare a new growth plan for the coming quarter.

  • Every year to review the past year and draw up an annual plan for the coming year.

That way you have a thorough and structured approach to achieve the desired growth. You no longer work on spec, but effectively and efficiently. In addition, you have 1 person who knows exactly what is going on in your company.


For example, what do we go through during these management reviews:

  • Costs and benefits. What comes in and what goes out of the money pot? What investments have been made? What is the Return On Investment (ROI)?

  • Current problems and opportunities. How can you solve certain problems and what opportunities do you need to seize to grow with your company?

  • Productivity and performance of processes and systems. Where can you still save time?

  • The KPIs that are entered in the online portal. From this we can quickly gain insight into positive or negative trends. What works well and what works less?

  • Team performance. How does your staff function?

  • Business improvement opportunities. What can you do to improve your business performance?

You also get access to my online portal. Think of it as the management system we implement. Here we can keep track of KPIs in metrics. That way we can quickly spot trends and respond to them. This can be set up the way you want and therefore offers a lot of possibilities.

What you get

Specifically, you get the following:

  • 12 x 1 hour monthly review

  • 4x a 2-hour quarterly review for drawing up a growth plan

  • 1x an annual review of 3 hours for drawing up an annual plan

  • access to my online portal

In addition, you get:

  • insight into the performance of your company

  • insight into potential within your company

  • insight into data from your company so that you can manage in a targeted manner

  • more control over your company's business operations

  • more time to spend on other things that generate money, for example

  • more focus on what is relevant for the growth of your company

  • more peace of mind because you know that a business manager is watching alongside of you

  • the power of anticipation

What it costs

A monthly fee applies for using this service and is €150 excluding VAT. This is an all-in fee so you will never be faced with surprises. For example, if you have a monthly review and a quarterly review in 1 month, you still pay the same amount. In addition, you can use the online portal as much as you want.


Additional costs apply for conducting calls in between. For this, my hourly rate is calculated pro rata based on the duration of our conversation and rounded up to quarters of an hour. My hourly rate is set at €60.00 excluding VAT.

Let's chat

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? And do you think I'm the right person to help you with that? Let's schedule a free discovery call to see if we are actually a match. If so, great! Then we will get started as soon as possible.


If you have any additional questions, you can always contact me by sending me an email to or by filling out the form below. I will then contact you as soon as possible.

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