For entrepreneurs

Everyone has their own path. How far you are in your entrepreneurial journey does not say anything about someone else or yourself. Development is personal and you are the foundation of your company. So it starts with you. That is why I offer customization. We will always do a general gap analysis before we actually take the steps to turn your potential into performance.


To have some structure and overview (because hey, that's just how I am), I have made a subdivision into the types of collaborations I offer. More information about this can be found below.



Together we will set up the foundation of your business, so that you can perform your dream job as efficiently and effectively as possible and grow with your company. It is an intensive process in which we have a session of 1 hour every week for a period of 3 months.


excl. taxes


Your business is running smoothly. Revenue is coming in, but you are unable to grow further. Growth is stagnating. Together we will analyze your current business operations and ensure that room is created for growth again.


It's important to you your business is performing at its best. We zoom in on the performance and potential gaps monthly, quarterly and annually so that you and your company continue to grow with a plan. No more surprises since you have data to back up your decisions.

€150,00 p/m

excl. taxed


Your business has grown and the workload is huge. You find yourself lacking time and focus to be able to continue to grow. An Online Business Manager takes management tasks off your plate, so that you have time for activities that generate more revenue and realize growth.

€60,00 p/u

excl. taxes