My name is Roxanne Deurloo and together with my partner and son (2017) I live in Hellevoetsluis, South Holland. I work as a performance coach and online business manager. With this I help both professionals and entrepreneurs to convert their potential into performance. As an entrepreneur you are a large (if not the only) part of your company. If you develop yourself on a personal level, this has a direct impact on your company. By also developing at company level, you create a growth synergy. I pay attention to these two elements so that you can continue to grow in and with your company in every area.


If you want more information about personal development coaching, have a look here.


Below you will find more information about my work experience since 2008 and how I use this to help you.


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How I help

With a no nonsense attitude, perhaps some masculine traits and a great love for structure, numbers, trends, planning and improvement, I am committed to helping you. If I can optimize or automate something, I will. I also mainly work online and as efficiently as possible. Otherwise I will quickly find it a waste of my time. Very often the thought comes into my head: "This can be done faster or better". I quickly see connections and where there is room for improvement. That makes me very improvement and innovation oriented. I believe in making plans, but adjusting where necessary. I therefore use an agile approach and use design thinking as a method. In a rapidly changing world, you need to be agile to keep up and stay ahead of the competition.


If you work with me, you will have access to an online portal in which we have a clear overview of the progress of the process. For example, we enter KPIs in metrics and have the option to fill in worksheets. This system is our work file in which we can find everything. Why am I working with this? It is structured, well-arranged and you can quickly see whether we are on a positive or negative trend by means of trends and graphs. This is also the tool to improve performance.

What experience I have

Roxanne Deurloo, Leading Light, sitting on pink chair looking to the side

I have been working in HR functions in the field of Learning & Development and Recruitment for more than 12 years. I also worked in mental health care, in the port of Rotterdam at a storage and transshipment company and the recruitment sector. I started as an administrative employee as an 18-year-old and I have grown to a HR role on management level for L&D and recruitment. The last position I had was manager of a recruitment agency.


In all the positions I've had, I've had a great focus on innovating and improving. I was always looking for a more efficient and effective method or process. This also led to the fact that after a major merger between two organizations in the mental health care sector, I set up a department that ultimately employed 3 FTEs and an intern (because sharing knowledge is important). I then set up the entire L&D and recruitment part within the HR department at a storage and transhipment company. This organization was still in the pioneering phase and was just recently operational. That gave me a lot of freedom and space to set everything up. That started with putting the basics in place and then optimizing each time until it was a (partly) automated process. Bringing together the needs and wishes of the workplace and those of the management team in a workable process gave me a lot of satisfaction. The position of manager of a recruitment agency was certainly a great challenge. This was a new agency that had opened its doors as of September 2019. The assignment was to steer this in the right direction and set it up. That went well until Covid-19 came around the corner and unfortunately we were forced to close the doors.


In January 2021 I started as an independent entrepreneur. A nice step in my career and an incredibly nice challenge.